What’s The Best Way To Shave Down There?

What’s The Best Way To Shave Down There?

Trimming body hair serves two purposes: it is aesthetically appealing and it serves a practical function [ahem, we are talking about your pubes]. When there is a lack of circulation and light (as in your nether regions most of the day), body hair will absorb moisture, increasing the risk of fungal infection and rashes. That is why it makes sense to keep it at short length [find one that works for you or stick to under an inch]

Shaving around your private area is a choice for many- either medical reasons or just aesthetic purposes. Skin down there is thin and sensitive, start by trimming the hair before using a shaving device.  When shaving down there, it is best to splash some cold water as it will tighten the skin making the process easier. Else you will need to use one hand to hold the skin and keep it taught while you shave or trim. Also use a skin friendly shaving foam or cream, your face shaving cream will work [provided the ingredients are gentle]. Ideally steer clear of products that contain eucalyptus or menthol. And the most important tip, do not rush while shaving down there, take your time. Put one leg up on a bench or side of the tub, and be gentle. 

Do Not Forget After Care

Aftercare is critical regardless of the type of hair removal process you use. The skin on your stomach, chest, armpits, thighs, or crown jewels will thank you if you slather on some post-manscape care and affection. Treat every part of your body like you do your face. Use a soft moisturizer or a skin cream for the job because it's non-sticky, fragrance-free, and includes skin-soothing aloe to soothe irritation.

Also avoid hot showers immediately after a manscaping session, and similarly don't hit the gym or swimming pool for a few hours. If there are rashes or irritation, use a soothing product and wait a while, if persists consult your dermatologist. 

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