The Ultimate Men’s Grooming Starter Kit™ includes all the essentials you need to get started on taking care of your skin and body. This kit is designed to help you maintain healthy, glowing skin whilst giving you the premium tools needed to have a smooth, hydrated face.

How Boxed Basics Works

Discover the power of personalized grooming with Boxed Basics. Our innovative approach allows us to cater to your unique habits and lifestyle, providing you with grooming products that truly meet your needs. We've curated different grooming kits, each filled with the highest quality ingredients, and customized to suit your personal habits. All it takes is a quick quiz, and we'll tailor a box to your exercise routine, hydration habits, and more. Take the first step towards a more personalized grooming routine with Boxed Basics. Your habits, your care, your box.

The Science

Men are notorious for not taking care of themselves. Agree? Well, the time has come for men to get with the program–a wellness program. Create a ritual, a routine, and watch how every aspect of your life transforms!

We at Boxed Basics are here to help men get started on their self-care journey through our subscription box-Genesis

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