Skincare in your 30s vs the 40s

Skincare in your 30s vs the 40s

You've reached your forties, eh? Welcome welcome.. It's true what they say: men get better looking as they get older. George Clooney, Tom cruise - hello! One explanation for this is that men's collagen and elastin breakdown is much slower than women's due to testosterone. They also have stronger facial muscles that help them maintain their shape for longer.

Your skin changes as you age, which is why your skincare routine should evolve as well. That said ,the three essential components: a cleanser, a moisturiser, and an SPF will continue through the ages. Anything else can be an added bonus, with these three measures serving as the foundation of your routine.

Skincare in the 40s:

A man's skin care target in his 20s is mostly about preservation and looking good, while the 30s are when you start working on slowing down the ageing process. As you get to 40 and beyond, you need to work towards maintaining your skin that you have worked hard on over the last 20years.  

You might notice a few sunspots and blemishes perhaps? A few wrinkles as well? It's time to start taking your skin a little more seriously and get the glow back, what say?  

What exactly happens to your skin once you hit 40? For instance, there's gravity. Yes, you've been battling gravity for decades, and as you hit this milestone, it really starts to prevail. Over the last decade, your body's collagen (which keeps your skin "plump") and elasticity (which allows it to bounce back from the normal ageing process) have been declining, but the decline has slowed.With a good skincare routine, you will soon be saying “40 is the new 30, fellas”

In your forties, replace your moisturiser with one that contains peptides, enjoy the power of retinol and change the nighttime eye cream.

Here’s a simple Morning & nighttime routine that you can follow to start with:


  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Antioxidant Serum
  • Eye Cream with Caffeine
  • Moisturize [with Peptides]
  • SPF 25/30+


  • Cleanser and mild oil
  • Night Eye Cream
  • Retinol or Retinoid
  • Moisturize [with Peptides]
  • Drink a glass of water before going to bed

The Best Skincare Ingredients for men in your 40s:

Now that we have shared the ideal routine with you, let us talk about something important.

It's not just about the products you use that reflect on your skin, it is the ingredients in those products that matter more. When you hit your forties, you start to see more noticeable signs of ageing.  Here are a few tips on what to look for when shopping for skincare products:


Caffeine isn't just for your morning coffee; it also has a place in your skincare routine. Where? Your eyes - it helps to minimise puffiness around the eyes. The end result is clearer skin around the eye, regardless of how much sleep you've had.


Eye creams contain retinol, but did you know it is also good for the rest of your face? You can use retinol or retinoid, which helps in treating acne or other skin ailments, and keeping your skin healthy. Do start with a tiny quantity and a couple of times a week before increasing frequency. It is a treatment, and not a moisturiser, so go easy on it.


Don't get hassled by the complicated sounding name. Peptides are amino acids that your skin requires to remain young and healthy. They aid in the reduction of fine lines, and the locking in hydration, all of which help your skin retain its structure and health.

Now that you are armed with some additional information, don’t forget the basic routine  and a healthy diet. Keep your skincare game on point and you shall have no worries for years to come.

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