Manscaping- all your questions answered

Manscaping- all your questions answered

Grooming and manscaping, like fashion, is not easy for most men, and with good reason. After all, it's not easy to find and stick to a routine that works for you. However, looking good comes with its own set of benefits, and we're here to help you achieve them. This post is for all you guys out there with questions around manscaping. 

A study published by the American Journal of Men’s Health back in 2016 discovered that over 50% of the men who participated “reported regular pubic hair grooming.” However, most men are not comfortable sharing such information, or will skirt around the topic, but let’s admit it, almost all men are into manscaping.  

The Options

Men have four choices when manscaping: they can either shave, wax, apply depilatory creams or use hair trimmers.

Waxing removes hair from below the surface, so the result is smoother cleaner and long lasting when compared to shaving. Shaving also leads to ingrown hair, razor bumps and blunt ends that itch or tickle you.

Shaving is the easiest option though it can be time consuming, and difficult when it comes to shoulder or back, or other hard to reach areas. Also, you need to shave every few days unlike waxing where the results last longer. If you do opt for waxing, do a trial on a small test area to check for allergies and other reactions before proceeding further. 

One thing to remember is to prune the area with scissors before shaving or waxing, as it makes the process easier and less time consuming. 

Golden Rule in Manscaping  - Not everything needs to be trimmed or shaved.

Do I wax or shave the hair on my body - chest, arms and other areas?

Well, chest hair needn't be trimmed or shaved, unless you prefer a clean smooth chest, then we suggest you wax. But if you notice, the chest hair grows to a certain length and doesn't really get unruly. This is because the follicles stop producing more hair, new hair crops up while old ones fall off.

As for your back, there are no two ways- go all out and get yourself a waxing appointment. 

When you get back to travelling and visiting beaches, remember to not wax just before the outing. Skin needs time to recover from the waxing procedure.

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