Late nights - worried about morning after - skincare pointers to look fresh

Late nights - worried about morning after - skincare pointers to look fresh

It's something we're all guilty of. We have stayed out way too late with friends or a special someone, or worked until the wee hours of the morning, knowing we had a critical, busy day ahead of us and yet unable to wind up early. Majority of the time, you'll end up looking terrible, and haggard.  So, how do you transform your appearance and look fresh, ready to tackle the day ahead? 

In this post, we'll go through five quick strategies you can adopt to look refreshed and chirpy. 

  1. Start the morning by drinking as much water as you can. Apart from rehydrating your body, water will help you feel better physically, while hydrating your face in the process.
  2. Go for a short quick jog or a 5-minute run/trot session of going up and down a flight of stairs if you are physically capable. After a long night, getting blood flowing through your body will definitely help reduce any puffiness in your face.
  3. 3. Eat a small amount of food and take a vitamin supplement, if you think your stomach can handle it. Contrary to common opinion, any form of high carb breakfast should be avoided. A high-carb breakfast can result in a rapid drop in blood sugar (energy levels) about an hour later, just when you need it most. The best course of action is a protein shake or some eggs.
  4. Drag yourself to the shower or just wash your face – A good face wash session with cool water will remove dirt and oil while providing essential nutrients to your skin.
  5. Apply moisturiser – Might sound weird, but it will make a huge difference to your skin and appearance. Applying moisturiser will instantly hydrate and nourish your face, bringing it back to life. Better yet, pick up a cream that has caffeine in it - improve blood flow around the eyes, and remove any puffiness.

Now, we all know how late nights can affect our sleep and this will spiral to us waking up late. If you are one such guy, here are three quick fix insights to help you get off the bed and ready to go. 

  1. Grab some ice cubes or cold spoon/cup [if you are in the habit of having late nights often, then leave a few spoons in your freezer, will come in handy] and place it over your eyes for around 5-6minutes. Will sting initially, but it is super effective. Oh yes. The cold will minimise puffiness immediately; however, remember to not press too hard or keep them on for too long, you might end up with "ice burn" on your face.
  2. If you don’t have any time, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee to wake you up instantly. Caffeine can be hard on the digestive system, so if you have a crazy hangover and feel queasy, steer clear of caffeine and stick to water or juice.  
  3. To boost blood flow and help you gear up for the day, grab a few tea bags (preferably black or green), soak them in warm water for 5 minutes, and then place them over your eyes for a couple of minutes. Caffeine will help pump blood around the eyes, which reduces puffiness and makes you appear alert.

Next time you sense a late night coming on, be prepared~

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