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The Box for 12 months

This boxed set contains everything a modern, busy man needs to look and feel like a million bucks. Boxed Basics was founded on the concept that high quality men’s self-care products should be accessible to everyone.

The modern man is demanding yet busy and stoic. He’d rather invest his time on work and quality leisure than spend hours shopping for the best moisturizer and shampoo.

 We offer a professionally curated box containing men’s self-care products from the top brands - covering all your needs, helping you create a self-care ritual, and the box gets delivered to your doorstep. The highlight of our service are our products, they are all 4.1 ounces or smaller in size, making it easy to use at home or while on the go and continue the self-care ritual from anywhere.  

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★ Hand picked range of products
★ Offer the best brands in the market
★ Perfect Product match
★ Product Size options
★ Self care Tips & Tricks
★ Transformed lifestyle
★ We help you make self care a priority
★ Ingredients to keep your skin, hair, body and mind healthy & happy 

The Box contains 

Unleash a new you

Discover yourself, all over again.

Carefully handpicked

The best of man, curated with lots of testing, love and care. 

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Free shipping • No hidden fees • Cancel anytime

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